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Baoding Xinhai Plastic Sheet Co., Ltd.

Sinhai Polycarbonate Sheet Is Over 200 Times Stronger Than Glass, Making It a Great Replacement Option For Glass When Available. It Is Also Easier To Mold Than Other Materials. Polycarbonate Sheets Are Used In Indoor Decoration,Room Divider. Durability Makes It a Top Option For Skylights And Glazing Security Lights In Buildings. It Insulates Much Better Than Glass And Can Also Help Lower Energy Costs When Used In Place Of Glass For Building Purposes.
  • dome skylight

    The dome skylight made of polycarbonate sheet is easy to install, with UV coating on the surface and good lighting.
  • Industrial plants

    Industrial plants built with polycarbonate panels, moisture-proof and low cost.
  • Sound barrier

    solid polycarbonate sheet as highway noise barrier,under the same conditions, the sound insulation effect of polycarbonate sheet can be reduced by 32 decibels, which is 6 decibels more than glass.
  • Pavilion Architecture

    Using clear plastic corrugated polycarbonate sheet tiles as pavilion architecture, high transparency, anti-ultraviolet, anti-hail, can play the role of noise reduction in rainy days.
  • shed

    hollow polycarbonate sheet for sunshade, canopy, bicycle shed, economical,rain and impact resistant.
  • Stadium Roof

    The stadium roof is made of polycarbonate sheet, which has good lighting and can withstand the heavy pressure of wind and snow.
  • polycarbonate enclosure

    Use polycarbonate sheets as enclosure, many color options, sound insulation.
  • Floor Decoration

    Polycarbonate sheet as exterior wall decoration,A variety of colors are available: clear, yellow, blue, red, green, tan, etc.And not easy to break, good impact resistance.
Sinhai polycarbonate sheets are being used for awning, canopy,porch partitionpassages and subway entries, walkways,Skylights,Domes,Windows and doors.
  • Door

    Embossed polycarbonate sheet as the door is not only beautiful, hazy, translucent, but also can disperse direct sunlight.
  • Carport

    The hollow polycarbonate sheet is used as a carport, which saves costs, resists impact, and resists rain, snow and hail.
  • Civil facilities

    Corrugated polycarbonate sheet are used for civil facilities, building houses, cost saving, environmental protection and recyclability, good lighting and long life,moisture proof.
  • Curtain Wall

    Polycarbonate sheet as curtain walls have become the first choice of materials for designers to design buildings. The surface has UV coating, which can prevent yellowing and aging.
  • Awning

    Corrugated polycarbonate sheet or hollow polycarbonate sheet, solid polycarbonate sheet as awnings are easy to install and can reduce noise in rainy days. Maintain a comfortable listening environment.
  • Canopy

    Solid polycarbonate sheet as canopy, good lighting and UV protection, long service life, easy to clean surface, light weight, can replace glass.
  • Indoor Decoration

    Polycarbonate sheet can be used as indoor partition, non-toxic and harmless, no yellowing, beautiful, various colors.
  • Porch Wall

    The transparent wavy corrugated polycarbonate tile is used as the porch wall, with good lighting and strong viewing performance.
Another Desired Feature Of Polycarbonate Sheet Is The Uv Protection It Provides. It Is Becoming Increasingly Popular In The Creation Of Greenhouses Since It Still Lets The Sun’s Rays In, Without The Potentially Harmful Uv Rays, Thus Providing Protection, Warmth, And Light To The Plants Inside.
  • Agricultural Greenhouse

    Polycarbonate sheet is used for agricultural greenhouse material, High light transmittance ,good thermal insulation, waterproof, impact resistance, anti-fog droplet, the first choice for greenhouse material.
  • Home Greenhouse

    DIY home greenhouse in your own house, Plant your favorite plants or crops, which can protect against UV rays and fog droplets.
  • flower room

    The use of polycarbonate panels to build a flower house can play the role of warm in winter and cool in summer. Polycarbonate panels can keep heat and dissipate heat, making flowers grow better.
  • Multi-span Greenhouse

  • SunRoom

    The solid polycarbonate sheet is used as a sun room, you can enjoy the sun in it, and you don't have to be afraid of ultraviolet rays.
  • mini greenhouse

    DIY a small greenhouse in your own house, you can achieve the converted polycarbonate sheet to absorb the sunlight that plants like and block harmful light.
  • greenhouse

    Polycarbonate sheet feature:high light transmittance ,good thermal insulation, waterproof, impact resistance, anti-fog.Can make plants grow faster and more lush.
  • family greenhouse

    DIY family greenhouse in your own house, you can achieve the converted polycarbonate sheet to absorb the sunlight that plants like and block harmful light.
DIY:Sinhai Polycarbonate Sheets Are Now Being Used Popularly For Riot Shields, Prison Windows And Protective Visors.Polycarbonate Sheets Are Also Often Applied To Protective Masks, Room Partitions, And Swimming Pool Covers,Billboard Advertising.
  • Advertising-light-boxes

    Clear polycarbonate solid sheet for advertising light box, clear and impact resistant.
  • publicsetting partition

    Polycarbonate hollow sheet are used as partitions in public areas to keep people at a safe distance during the epidemic.
  • office partition

    Polycarbonate sheet for indoor partition, beautiful, impact resistance, low cost.
  • swimming pool cover

    The solid polycarbonate sheet is used as a swimming pool cover, which is light-transmitting and anti-uv, so you can enjoy a swimming experience without getting tanned outdoors. And thermal insulation.
  • public area partiton

    The polycarbonate hollow sheet builds public area partition, which can anti-UV, a rest place when it rains, and add a beautiful view to the city.
  • table partition

    Solid polycarbonate sheets are used as table partitions, which can be used in offices, banks, supermarkets, and public places. Can prevent saliva from spreading germs and keep a safe distance.
  • Home awning

    Polycarbonate sheet for home awning, you can enjoy afternoon tea outdoors in rainy and sunny weather.
  • mini greenhouse

    The pink hollow polycarbonate sheet is used as a small greenhouse, which is beautiful and dreamy, anti-UV and anti-fog droplets.

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